Network of Women in Marine Science

Mission and Objectives


To provide women in marine sciences with a platform to share experiences, challenges and solutions, celebrate their achievements, and promote their visibility within and outside the WIO region.


  1. Encourage young women to pursue careers in the different fields of marine science, including management and provide mentoring and professional development actions.
  2. Promote networking among women marine scientists within the region;
  3. Increase the participation of women marine scientists in the WIO in research and decision-making bodies – as project researchers, leaders, and Conveners, in review and evaluation panels as well as high-level expert groups
  4. Raise awareness for and promote changes related to female representation in marine science-related activities, education and careers;
  5. Promote the understanding and the inclusion of the gender dimension in science and research policy in the marine scientific fields as well as an inclusive, gender-sensitive notion of excellence and innovation.