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WIOMSA Member, Karine Pothin receives Prestigious  Order of Maritime Merit Knighthood


Dr. Karine Pothin, the Director of the Réserve Nationale Marine de La Réunion has been awarded the Knight’s Medal of the Order of Maritime Merit by the Reunion Prefect Jacques Billant.

“This knighthood in the Order of Maritime Merit  recognises her  commitment to the preservation of the marine and reef environments and rewards her courage  at the height of the storm.”  

Dr. Pothin is grateful for the knighthood stating that the medal is also the fruit of the work of the team of the marine reserve of Reunion Island as well as of the collaboration with the partners of the reserve. “I couldn’t have obtained it without the support of those around me”.

The Ordre du Mérite Maritime (or Order of Maritime Merit ) is a French order established on 9 February 1930 for services rendered by the seafarers to distinguish the risks involved and the services rendered by seamen.