Network of Women in Marine Science

Meet the Steering Committee: Chamsia Ibrahim

Chamsia is the Country Representative for Comoros in the Steering Committee. She is graduated on Management of Tropical Ecosystems. She works as a teacher and a technical assistant in the laboratory of biology and vegetal ecology of the University of the Comoros.

Why did you decide to join WiMS?

It is a Platform essentially dedicated to women scientists as well as to the valuation of natural marine resources, it is therefore a place of exchange of experiences and knowledge between its members and it is also the opportunity to acquire all the knowledge necessary for the development of marine resources in the region of the Indian Ocean in general and particularly in the islands of the Comoros archipelago. A large part of the Comoros Islands is occupied by the coastal zone which marks the need to set up a permanent monitoring system for the conservation of these zones which play an important role.

What would you like to achieve during your time in the Steering Committee?

Establish a direct link between WiMS and the stakeholders at the local level so that the Comoros contribute positively to the improvement and protection of ecosystems and marine resources. In addition to this massively involve Comorian women scientists in the WiMS platform for better management of coastal areas. 

Why should women marine scientists join WiMS?

In today’s world, women ensure a large part of the development, joining WiMS is the opportunity for women to assert themselves and have their voice in scientific research’s in general and particularly in marine science.

Do you have any advice for young women planning to pursue careers in marine science?

A woman must aim far in her objectives and not be limited whatever the constraints.