Network of Women in Marine Science

Call for Gender Equity and Climate Action

Call for Gender Equity and Climate Action, funded by the Elsevier Foundat! 
Under this scheme, three (3) grants are awarded by TWAS (the World Academy of Sciences) to collaborative teams of 2-5 women for action-based projects which, although scientific in nature, will take them outside the lab to promote practical and tangible change under the umbrella of the “climate action” SDG in their local context. The principal applicant and project leader must be a woman scientist, holding a PhD, living and working in a science and technology lagging country (STLC). Co-applicants are either scientists or technical experts in a field relevant to the project, from any developing country.
The team leaders from the three (3) awarded groups will be invited to an initial training workshop. In case travel restrictions due to the global COVID-19 pandemic allow it, the training will be held face to face in Europe: the programme will cover the costs for flights, accommodation, and food. This cost does not need to be included in your application’s project budget.
The project grant is designed to be flexible and modular, with a total value in the USD 24,000- 25,000 range. It will allow for a variety of expenses within a three-year timescale, if these are clearly justified by the work tasks.
In case you have questions about this program, please contact cl**********@tw**.org
All further information on eligibility and how to apply can be found here:
Deadline: 19 May 2022