Network of Women in Marine Science

Meet the Steering Committee: Veronica Bristol

In a series of posts the coming weeks we will introduce you to the member of the Steering Committee of the Network of Women in Marine Science (WiMS) . Today we will introduce you to Ms Veronica Bristol – the chair of the Steering Committee of WiMS (and the Country Representative for Seychelles).

Veronica is the Student Support Officer at Seychelles Maritime Academy. She is also the Chairperson of WOMESA-Seychelles (The Association for Women in the Maritime sector in the Eastern and Southern Africa Region)


Why did you decide to join WiMS?

Knowing the fact that the Maritime Industry is still being considered as a male domain, which according to the International Transport Workers’ Federation estimates thatit is made up of only 2% of women’s workforce, push me to the extreme of making a difference in bridging the GAP towards the empowerment of young women in the marine science field.

Each of the members of the SC are appointed for 3 years. What would you like to achieve during your time in the Steering Committee? 

During the three years mandate, I will bring strategic direction to the Committee, as I would like to see the increase of women’s participation in WiMS and most of all bring WiMS to greater heights.

Why should women marine scientists join WiMS?

WiMS is a promising platform for women in marine science to share good practices, experiences and to discuss on issues that are impacting on women’s advancement in marine science. Hence, women in the marine science field should join the network for more progression and career advancement.

Do you have any advice for young women planning to pursue careers in marine science? 

I will tell the young ladies that they are special and brave for taking a career path in the marine science. Join WiMS for support and pursue your dream in an exciting and challenging field.