Network of Women in Marine Science

Meet the Steering Committee: Rosemarie Mwaipopo

In a series of posts the coming weeks we will introduce you to the member of the Steering Committee of the Network of Women in Marine Science (WiMS). Today the turn has come to Dr. Rosemarie Mwaipopo from Tanzania. Rosemarie is the Country Representative for mainland Tanzania in the Steering Committee. She is a senior Lecturer (Sociology and Anthropology) at the University of Dar Es Salaam.

Why did you decide to join WiMS?

I am passionate in seeing that gender aspects are integrated as one of the key aspects in the development of communities dependent on coastal and marine resources, and that women are equal beneficiaries of the endowment from these resources.  I believe that a gender-sensitive rights and responsibilities framework for management of the coastal and marine environment will be more sustainable for the benefit of our region. I want to be part of the process, working with other scientists in making this a reality.

Each of the members of the SC are appointed for 3 years. What would you like to achieve during your time in the Steering Committee?

Establishing a Tanzanian chapter for women marine scientists; Establishing community-based platforms for women and coastal and marine environment management; contributing to food security, incomes and poverty eradication interventions that directly benefit women and their communities.

Why should women marine scientists join WiMS?

To be role models to other females seeking connections to the sector, and to contribute their expertise on women’s engagement in the sustainable use and management of the coastal and marine environment.

Do you have any advice for young women planning to pursue careers in marine science? 

It is an exciting field! And women scientists have a great role to play in supporting other women, both scientists and community members. To be bold and daring to ask for information from WIMS and WIOMSA on the possibilities and advantages of being a woman marine scientist.