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Insipiring women in ocean science: Abidate Abdourahamane

Abidate Abdourahamane, a 31-year-old environmental enthusiast from Comoros, is a champion for sustainable waste management practices. Her journey began with a profound childhood passion for the environment, which led her to pursue a degree in biology and subsequently teach for 7 years.

In 2019, Abidate’s dream materialised when she presented her innovative project idea “the valorization of biodegradable waste into biogas and biofertilizer” at a startup weekend in Comoros, where she emerged as the third prize winner. This success marked the inception of her cooperative, supported by GEF SGP, igniting her entrepreneurial spirit.

Abidate pursued a Master’s degree in Fisheries Resource Management in 2023 and her research which centred on “microplastics and macroplastics on tuna in the Comoros” underscores her dedication to combating marine pollution caused by plastics. 

Abidate actively shares her expertise and has trained agents from SASABIL on transforming plastic waste into eco-friendly products like paving stones. Furthermore, she has also mentored youth through coaching sessions, inspiring them to establish their association “HUBIRI ULANGA” dedicated to waste management and recycling.

Among her key accomplishments are the installation of three biodigesters for waste recovery in Comoros; her recognition as the laureate of the innov-blue competition in Seychelles and her active participation and contribution to the youth-employment strategy for a prosperous Africa as outlined in the 2063 agenda. 

As a national expert, Abidate has played a pivotal role in guiding visits to her biodigester installations, providing valuable insights into sustainable waste management practices. Her SGP project aims at production of biogas for green electrification and cooking, along with liquid biofertilizer production from biodegradable waste in Comoros by 2030. This project seeks to achieve significant outcomes such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, combating famine through sustainable agriculture, mitigating pollution from chemical fertilisers, and preserving terrestrial and marine ecosystems. 

Abidate Abdourahamane’s initiative, SHAWIRI-scoops, has successfully installed three biodigesters in strategic locations within Comoros, specifically in Mohéli Ouallah 2 (12m3), Bandassamlini Ivébéni (12m3), and Mitsoudjé Hambou (9m3). These installations mark a significant step towards sustainable waste management and resource utilisation in the region. Presently, SHAWIRI-scoops offers farmers a natural fertiliser solution tailored to their needs – a non-leachable liquid fertiliser that is cost-effective and serves a dual purpose as a biopesticide. This innovative approach not only enhances soil fertilisation but also promotes the production of healthy agricultural products, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly agricultural ecosystem.